New company to produce AC traction drives and control systems

RailCompAlstom and ZAO «Transmashholding» have opened company producing asynchronous traction drives and control systems in the Russia.

Traction drives and control systems are for for completing locomotives EP20 и 2ES5, which is jointly developed by partners, for Russia and for locomotives KZ8A and KZ4A, which will be produced and operated in Kazakhstan.

Production capacity will be 17 kits of equipment per month. The total investment in the project is almost 40M euros.
The company is located on the territory of Novocherkassk Locomotive Plant (NEVZ), owned by TMH. For the project realization Alstom and Transmashholding on parity founded a joint venture (JV) «Railcomp».

Development of double-system mainline freight locomotive

двухсистемный (3/25 кВ, DC/AC) магистральный грузовой электровоз 2ЭС20 с асинхронными тяговыми двигателямиZAO «Transmashholding», JSC «Russian Railways» and «Alstom» signed a development agreement dual-system (3/25 кВ, DC/AC) mainline freight locomotive 2ES20 with AC traction drives.
Completion of design documentation development for locomotive is expected by September 2013, and in March 2014 will be made the first prototype of the locomotive and it will begin testing.

The development and designing the new locomotive and its key components, including traction equipment, will be done by joint engineering center «TRTrans» .

Production of locomotives will be organized on the basis of the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (part of TransMashHolding).

100M of Li-ion cells for Tesla-S

Panasonic has delivered 100 million Li-ion cells for Tesla-S

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation today announced that shipments of its automotive-grade lithium-ion battery cells for Tesla Motors’ premium, all-electric Model S sedan will surpass 100 million units by the end of this month. Delivery of the Model S started in 2012 in the United States. The electric-powered car has been praised for its innovative and luxurious design and outstanding performance, including long driving range, and sales of the vehicle are projected to top 20,000 units this year.

Source: Panasonic

Tesla Model S                     Panasonic lithium-ion cell

About Li-ion battery in Chevy Volt

288 Li-ion cells forms 4 battery modules in shape of letter "T"288 Li-ion cells forms 4 battery modules in shape of letter «T» located under the rear seat and in the «tunnel» between the front seats.
Battery configuration  - 3P96S  -  every 3 cells connected in parallel, and 96 such units connected in series.
The total battery voltage is 360V, capacity is 16 kWh. To extend the lifetime they use only part of the battery capacity (9.4 kWh).
Battery manufacturer - LG Chem. Cell chemistry — lithium-manganese spinel LiMn2O4.
Cooling / heating — liquid system.

288 Li-ion cells forms 4 battery modules in shape of letter "T"288 Li-ion cells forms 4 battery modules in shape of letter "T"